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Solid Color Systems

ECS Solid-Color system consists of 2-4 days of consecutive work. Ready to step on for foot traffic in 24-48 hours, and ready to drive on for vehicular traffic in 48-72 hours (Dependent on ambient temperature, and flooring conditions). A process consists of preparation for flooring (diamond grind, crack, joint repair, debris cleaning, denatured alcohol cleaning). Prime, depending on flooring condition, self-leveling epoxy prime coat (moisture/dust barrier for fair-poor grade concrete). Base coat, 100% solids self-leveling two-component catalyzed solid color epoxy. Clear, sealed, and protected with a 100% solids self-leveling UV-resistant non-yellow polyaspartic high-gloss top coat with optional slip-resistant additive for texture. 

Ideal for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential locations.

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