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Metallic System

ECS fully customizable  metallic system. An abstract epoxy flooring system that is fully customized by our clients and designed by ECS. With over 300+ color options, these marble-like floors can be designed in so many unique ways giving your floors a luxurious and unique finish. Our custom metallics are 1 of 1, including several different methods of application consisting of marble designs, abstracts, messy looks,  multi-color designs, etc. This system consists of flooring preparation (diamond grind, crack, and joint repair, clean up of debris and denatured alcohol cleaning). Self-leveling epoxy prime coat (moisture/dust barrier for fair-poor grade concrete). Base coat, 100% solids self-leveling two-component catalyzed clear epoxy incorporated with our metallic mica powder (pigment). After the pigment is mixed within both components, our team begins to design with the floor, by using different methods of application as requested by the customer, highlights are added last to accent the body coat. Once dried, metallics may be screened, and or sanded down with an orbital buffer for ideal application to enhance a more level outlook, and promote better adhesion within the floor. Lastly, we  seal and protect all of our metallics with an industrial-grade urethane that can come in a high gloss or matte finish.

Ideal for Semi-Commercial, and Residential locations.

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