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White Structure
White Structure

Grind and Seal

The concrete is tested to find the correct concrete C.S.P (concrete profile surface). This ensures the correct diamond blades are used to create the correct CSP and bond with the coating. Once the surface is prepped, a deep cleaning is done to ensure the floor is free of any dust or debris. The surface is then wiped with denatured alcohol to ensure the floor is dry and clean for the coating. To begin our coating General Polymers 3477/3569 moisture barrier prime coat this seals all the pores within the concrete preventing outgassing within the concrete. A clear 100% solids polyaspartic sealer is applied. Optional 100% solids High Wear Moisture Cure Urethane is used as a top coat for specific applications. This sealer consists of a non-yellowing formula and is resistant to UV rays, scratches, chemical spills, etc.

Ideal for Industrial, Commerical, and Residential locations.

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