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 Flake System

ECS flake system is one of the most durable flooring systems we offer. Ideal for nearly any location, our flake systems offer a large variety of flake blends. From premixtures to fully customizable colored blends. A process consists of preparation for flooring (diamond grind, crack, joint repair, debris cleaning, denatured alcohol cleaning). Self-leveling epoxy prime coat (moisture/dust barrier for fair-poor grade concrete). Base coat, 100% solids self-leveling two-component catalyzed solid color epoxy. The vinyl flakes broadcasted into the base coat provide additional durability and texture, giving your floor the complete finish. All excess flakes are then scraped and vacuumed to get rid of any sharp-edged flakes ensuring a leveled textured finish. Lastly, we seal and protect with a 100% solids self-leveling UV-resistant non-yellowing polyaspartic high-gloss top coat with an optional slip-resistant additive for additional texture. 

Ideal for Industrial, Commercial, and Residential locations.

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